Collision – The DJ – Part 2

A whirlwind romance from the start

A freight train colliding heart to heart

They fell so hard and they fell so fast

Everyone told them that it wouldn’t last

They told them that they were being foolish

And that their love was simply ghoulish

They told them that it would end in disaster

And that their hearts would end up in plaster

They told her that he didn’t really care

And that he wouldn’t really be there

They told him that it was all just a joke

And that it was only because she was broke

They proved them wrong and right as well

From the deepest love to the depths of hell

From the fires of love came fear and pain

Like a phoenix it rose up from the flame.

I don’t think either one of them expected

That they would both be so badly affected

By the fires of love that burned so brightly

Or the sorrow that now plagues them nightly.

The collision that tore their worlds apart

The night they collided heart to heart

Like a freight train coming out of the dark

All it took was just one tiny little spark.

Hearts Entwined – The DJ – Part 1

I have a story that I wish to share

You may well know it If you were there

If you weren’t though you may enjoy

This here anthology about a boy

A series of poems, seven in total

May seem to be a little vocal

Talk of things you mustn’t share

With people who simply weren’t there

Some will know some will wonder

Some may marvel at this blunder

Perhaps It is all just for show

Only a select few really know

I hope that you really will enjoy

This here anthology about a boy

One poem each day I will release

Sharing the story piece by piece

Remember this though if you please

So that you all may read with ease

If you seek then you will not find

He who’s heart with hers entwined.