Living Darkness

The broken darkness of the city that bleeds orange light seems very menacing and unwelcoming, but here in the countryside, sitting in my kitchen staring out of the window into the perfect unbroken darkness it feels very friendly and loving. It’s the sort of darkness that seems as though I could reach out and touch it or that if I dared to venture outside it would completely embrace me.

It’s a very warm September night and it’s a very busy darkness, all around the animals are busy preparing themselves for the coming winter, some are preparing to migrate, some are preparing to hibernate and I suppose some of them, like me, are just observing the busy darkness and marvelling at it’s mysterious beauty.

I wonder sometimes if animals can think like we do, if they can look at a thing and see its beauty, I hope that they can. Although I suppose not every human has that ability, not because of physical blindness, I’m visually impaired but I can still see the beauty in things, there’s a mental blindness that possesses some people and causes them to only see the bad in things, it’s sad really because the darkness really is beautiful.

Some preparing to migrate
Others set to hibernate
Only the moon is looking
Only the stars are peeping
As through the hours of darkness
Our furry friends are creeping
I don’t know what they’re doing
It’s far too dark to see
One thing is for certain
They’re busier than me!

In Omnia Paratus,

Charlotte xo