Collision – The DJ – Part 2

A whirlwind romance from the start

A freight train colliding heart to heart

They fell so hard and they fell so fast

Everyone told them that it wouldn’t last

They told them that they were being foolish

And that their love was simply ghoulish

They told them that it would end in disaster

And that their hearts would end up in plaster

They told her that he didn’t really care

And that he wouldn’t really be there

They told him that it was all just a joke

And that it was only because she was broke

They proved them wrong and right as well

From the deepest love to the depths of hell

From the fires of love came fear and pain

Like a phoenix it rose up from the flame.

I don’t think either one of them expected

That they would both be so badly affected

By the fires of love that burned so brightly

Or the sorrow that now plagues them nightly.

The collision that tore their worlds apart

The night they collided heart to heart

Like a freight train coming out of the dark

All it took was just one tiny little spark.

Hearts Entwined – The DJ – Part 1

I have a story that I wish to share

You may well know it If you were there

If you weren’t though you may enjoy

This here anthology about a boy

A series of poems, seven in total

May seem to be a little vocal

Talk of things you mustn’t share

With people who simply weren’t there

Some will know some will wonder

Some may marvel at this blunder

Perhaps It is all just for show

Only a select few really know

I hope that you really will enjoy

This here anthology about a boy

One poem each day I will release

Sharing the story piece by piece

Remember this though if you please

So that you all may read with ease

If you seek then you will not find

He who’s heart with hers entwined.

Living Darkness

The broken darkness of the city that bleeds orange light seems very menacing and unwelcoming, but here in the countryside, sitting in my kitchen staring out of the window into the perfect unbroken darkness it feels very friendly and loving. It’s the sort of darkness that seems as though I could reach out and touch it or that if I dared to venture outside it would completely embrace me.

It’s a very warm September night and it’s a very busy darkness, all around the animals are busy preparing themselves for the coming winter, some are preparing to migrate, some are preparing to hibernate and I suppose some of them, like me, are just observing the busy darkness and marvelling at it’s mysterious beauty.

I wonder sometimes if animals can think like we do, if they can look at a thing and see its beauty, I hope that they can. Although I suppose not every human has that ability, not because of physical blindness, I’m visually impaired but I can still see the beauty in things, there’s a mental blindness that possesses some people and causes them to only see the bad in things, it’s sad really because the darkness really is beautiful.

Some preparing to migrate
Others set to hibernate
Only the moon is looking
Only the stars are peeping
As through the hours of darkness
Our furry friends are creeping
I don’t know what they’re doing
It’s far too dark to see
One thing is for certain
They’re busier than me!

In Omnia Paratus,

Charlotte xo


Creative Liberation

Hello and welcome to And Then Charlotte Writes a blog created and run by Charlotte Emily the owner of the Music & Lifestyle blog And Then Charlotte Said… now in its eleventh year!

I set And Then Charlotte Writes up because I wanted a place where I could mess around with ideas and publish content that wouldn’t necessarily fit on my main blog,

I feel as though my creative pipes have become a little blocked lately and I have become stuck in a rut due to the fact I seem to be writing the same type of content constantly whether that be on my own blog or on any number of the ghost-written projects that I’m working on for other people. I feel as though I have lost touch with what it is that I love to write and so I am hoping that this blog will help me to find that again.

My plan for this blog is to write something creative for it each and every day. I was originally going to use this blog to do one of the many creative writing challenges out there but I think it would probably be more beneficial for me to just sit and write about whatever, with no confines or restrictions. Some of the things I write may end up being complete rubbish but the thing that is most important to me is that I write something.

In some ways, I already feel creatively liberated by this blog and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what happens next with it and what adventures it may lead to!

I have owned And Then Charlotte Said… for ten years now and I never could have predicted in my wildest dreams everything that has come from that so far when I wrote the first post for that way back on April 27th 2007, it has been an amazing ten years and the adventure is only really getting started! So, as I sit here on September 9th 2017 writing the inaugural post for this blog I am very excited indeed!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post I look forward to officially starting my new creative journey tomorrow!

In Omnia Paratus,

Charlotte xo